Professions studied by modern famous personalities

Education is highly regarded in the world even if it will not be directly used. The celebrities who have conquered our screens studied courses that are not related to acting or media. Some of the inventors and entrepreneurs stealing headlines have degrees in areas that are not related to their area of work.

Celebrities discover their talent at different stages in life. Some rise to fame while in college pursuing unrelated courses. For instance, sports celebrities could have risen to the limelight while playing on the college team. Here are some of the courses and professions studied by modern celebrities. 


Astronomy is the study of space. It covers the moon, other planets, galaxies, and the universe. It is one of the toughest physics specializations but also among the most exciting. Get astronomy homework help online and accomplish your dream of exploring beyond our world. You get to use telescopes and collaborate with other scientists to visit the moon, space, and other planets. 

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most celebrated astronomers. He has demystified astronomy by producing videos that are easy to understand for ordinary citizens. Media appearances explain planetary phenomena in a way that many people can understand. 

Neil Tyson studied at Harvard University, the University of Texas, and Colombia University. Neil Tyson has been writing about astronomy events and projects for decades. He hosts podcasts and media events to explain different occurrences, theories, and ideas. His input has helped many people to understand space and the universe better. It has also demystified astronomy, helping more students to love the science. 


Neuroscience is one of the toughest specializations in medicine. It involves a lot of reading and exams with a higher pass rate. It is also considered a profession for reserved persons who desire to serve patients and heal their pain. When the profession produces a celebrity, it raises a lot of attention. 

Bialik acted in one of the most intellectually enthralling series- The Big Bang Theory. She also acted as a genius and girlfriend to another genius. Beyond taking ordinary neuroscience classes, she is one of the most educated celebrities studying to PhD level. Her focus was compulsive disorder among persons with Prader-Willi Syndrome. This is a very rare condition that requires a lot of attention and work to study. She, therefore, stands out among the most diligent scholars in neuroscience. 

Bialik does not utilize her neuroscience on the screen. However, she has earned respect among peers and the community for raising awareness of some of the health conditions that are usually ignored because they are rare. She serves as an indicator that being a celebrity does not mean taking the ‘easy’ courses or lacking intellectual capacity. 


Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. It helps you to understand mental processes, behavior, and the human brain. The discipline allows you to understand human conscious and unconscious behavior. Consequently, you can help humanity to adapt to situations or live with others better. 

Natalie Portman is one of the celebrities who has displayed serious regard for education. While she does not use psychology on screen, she has managed to complete her degree while acting. She missed the premier of Star Wars: Phantom Menace because she was preparing for her exams. To demonstrate her seriousness, she had published two academic papers in psychology while in high school. She would proceed to earn her psychology degree from Harvard University. 

Psychology is demanding because it requires a lot of reading. It also involves analyzing data to understand behavior and response to the environment. The conclusions made must be based on extensive insights that come from data. Psychologists are helping businesses and entrepreneurs to understand customer behaviors well. They help brands to design the best products and channels. Other celebrities who have studied psychology include Marcia Cross, Gloria Estefan, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jon Stewart, among others. 

 Mass Communications

Mass communication involves radio, television, social media, and internal organizational communication. It is the profession that produces journalists, writers, and communication officers. The studies involve presentation, language, audience profiling, and message packaging. These studies have helped a lot of celebrities to maintain a decent face while in the limelight. 

Considering that mass communication places graduate on newspapers and television screens, you can expect a lot of celebrities to have taken the course. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous celebrities to have taken mass communication studies. She earned her degree from Tennessee State University. She has been in the industry for more than 25 years. She has proceeded to set up her media company which is also producing movies. 

Mass communication involves a lot of speech, presentation, and writing. You must be good in written and spoken language. The profession has also produced some of the best independent bloggers who build a name by churning content on the internet. Other celebrities who pursued mass communication include Elen DeGeneres, Carrie Underwood, and Spike Lee. 


Engineers work behind the scenes. Most of their work will be more famous than theirs. They work on roads, buildings, and other structures that define cities, towns, and nations. However, some end up as celebrities. Engineering is an extremely demanding profession. It requires a lot of quiet time to study. However, celebrities still find time to participate in projects that thrust them into the limelight. 

Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson is one of the most famous comedians. However, his training is far from acting or art. He is a graduate of Newcastle University where he earned his electrical and electronic engineering degree. However, he has made more money and a career from acting. Bill Nye is another engineer who went into children’s programs hosting The Science Guy. He got his acting job while working as an engineer for Boeing. He has an honorary doctorate degree from John Hopkins University. 

The degrees studied by many celebrities have no direct relationship with their roles or public status. However, education has helped them to navigate the celebrity world decently and secure roles that require a particular character. In the course of pursuing another career or path, the celebrity bug has bit a lot of them, changing their trajectory forever. 

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