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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Telecom

AI has been incorporated in almost every industry in recent years. Since this technology has more significant benefits, it’s widely used to transform age-old services. The telecom industry is one such sector that is no longer limited to providing just phone and internet services. With technological progression in 5G services and IoT, it’s no surprise that this field is also on the verge of a major shift.

The key problems faced by the industry for numerous years can now be solved with AI’s help. It optimises networking abilities and also enhances the customer experience. Till 2027 the telecom sector is said to grow and reach $14.99B. It’s no doubt that through machine learning and AI, telecom businesses will be able to improve their performances and run in the profit drive. 

Since AI is improving the sector’s functionality, it is also becoming a hub for many new job opportunities. So if you’re thinking of doing a Master’s in AI, then this is the right time to get into the stream. Through this, you can easily navigate your career into any field that is booming with the help of AI. 

Common challenges faced by the Telecom Industry

Like any other industry, lack of tech has always been the main reason for concern that raises many issues. The telecoms industry has faced many problems because of either outdated methodology or complex management. Let’s understand why AI in telecom is necessary. With that being said, here are the common difficulties faced by the telecoms industry:

  1. Weak Data Management

Data analysis has been a task for many telecom companies for decades. Collecting and handling data from a massive consumer base is a complex task. Companies have incompetent systems that fail to manage data efficiently or in a structured and categorised manner. So the data collected may turn out not to be beneficial. 

  1. Bad Network Management

As global traffic is increasing, the need for better instruments to ease the network’s management is higher. Not only do organisations need more systematic mechanisms, but also cost-efficient ones. Network management has, anyways, been an expensive process, so there is a need for improved systems. 

  1. Higher Expenses 

All these infrastructural changes require high installation and maintenance costs. These can put any company in financial hardships. That’s the reason why many companies are stuck in the zone and cannot implement upgraded systems. This is one of the primary reasons for the need for AI in telecom. 

The role of AI in Telecom

Now that you have understood the more considerable challenges faced by the industry let’s unfold the role of AI in telecommunications. Here’s how machine learning and artificial intelligence are effectively changing the telecom industry. 

  1. AI helps in Network Optimisation 

Artificial intelligence is helping the growth of 5G networks. Since there are rapidly growing subscribers of this technology, AI has become key for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) as it helps them build self-optimising networks. With AI, CSPs can directly optimise the network of a particular region and time zone from where the traffic was detected. 

Through AI in the telecommunications sector, companies can use advanced algorithms and see patterns in the data to detect irregularities in the network. Hence fixing errors in the network has become easier, and the room for errors has also been reduced. 

  1. Maintenance of the systems 

AI utilises the data collected for bettering telecom services. Through historical data, companies can predict future outcomes and plan accordingly. These data-driven insights are constructive to maintain networks and systems. The application of AI in telecoms aids CSPs in system upgrades as well as the repair of hardware issues with towers, power lines, servers in data centers, and set-up boxes that customers have at their homes.

  1. To detect and handle scams

Fraud prevention has become a lot easier with the help of AI and machine learning. Telecom companies are using AI’s robust analytical capabilities to tackle fraud. Through artificial intelligence, companies can detect irregularities in the network in time, so there are no delays in detecting fraudulent activities. 

This has made it more accessible for CSPs to block any fake profiles directly. This has also reduced the damage to any databases, saving billions for many companies.

  1. Boosting revenue

As we discussed, saving money through AI surely does help increase a company’s revenue. Data analysis through artificial intelligence has helped boost the rate of subscribers and ARPU through smart upselling and other selling techniques of their services. This advanced tech has helped many CSPs pitch the right deal to the customer in real-time. This has resulted in increased rates of customer retention. 

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience 

AI in telecom has brought another drastic change, resulting in revenue growth. Through virtual assistants that AI offers have offered a variety of industries, it has opened doors for companies to solve queries of the masses efficiently through automated systems. This has reduced the pressures on the customer service department and also retained and solved many customer complaints. 

Benefits of pursuing a Master’s in AI 

If you’re intrigued by AI and machine learning, this can be a flourishing career for you. With an advanced degree, you can be an industry expert who understands the nuances of machine learning algorithms and their possible applications. This degree will also refine the problem-solving, analytical, and critical skills that will help you grow in the field. 

This sector will have loads to explore as AI changes any industry’s flow. Finding new job opportunities in various sectors like Finance, Healthcare, and others can also get easier. A master’s in AI will open paths to top job roles like Big Data Analyst (₹6.2 LPA), Research Scientist (8.1 LPA), AI or Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist (10 LPA), and many more. 

Here’s a master’s in artificial intelligence online program that you can enroll yourself to upgrade your skills and knowledge in the AI sector. 

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Remember, this industry is undergoing beneficial changes through using AI in telecoms. To enter this sector, one can take online courses offered by numerous platforms, followed by a master’s in AI. This will help you gain the knowledge and credibility required to upskill yourself in the field. Get yourself job-ready and open a bunch of top job openings to choose from. 

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