How To Choose the Right Online IAS Coaching Institute

IAS preparation needs significant practice and guidance from experts who can help you score well in the UPSC exam. Over the years, IAS online coaching has emerged as the most preferred option for aspirants. However, most candidates need clarification when choosing an appropriate coaching institute because of the overwhelming options. Also, the syllabus for UPSC is vast as an ocean. The IAS is one of the most sought-after positions among all the Civil Services UPSC offers. The competition is fierce, and clearing the exam needs hard work, dedication, and smart preparation by the candidates. 

Thus, the UPSC preparation coaching opted for by the candidate should have the desired features and help the aspirants clear the exam with flying colours. Let’s have a look at some essential tips to choose the best online coaching for IAS preparation:

  • Look for classes that update the videos

UPSC is not just another entrance exam. The syllabus needs to be updated from time to time. It is recommended to choose the UPSC coaching online which offers updated videos for preparation. It also enables the candidates to attend the same online lecture taught during the regular classroom program. Videos are essential for practice; hence, they must be fresh and updated.

  • Look for experienced tutors teaching online

As mentioned above, clearing UPSC courses after 12th is no cakewalk. Considering how tough the syllabus is and how fierce the competition is, candidates need experienced and knowledgeable faculty. Choose online coaching where eminent faculty takes the sessions or develops the syllabus and study material.

Tutors with thorough subject knowledge who have been teaching aspirants for a significant amount of time are more likely to coach successfully. They can ensure candidates prepare well and fetch higher ranks in the competitive exam.

  • They offer other resources as well, apart from videos

Though attending online lectures is an unparalleled experience which makes the aspirants feel almost like they are attending regular classes, there should be other sources of educating the candidates. They must offer UPSC courses details and other helpful resources that candidates can explore at any given point for preparation or revision. Recorded videos by the subject matter experts on YouTube might help. 

  • Classes that conduct regular tests

One of the best ways to evaluate your performance is to take a test. It helps assess the strengths and weaknesses and decide the areas and subjects to work with. Look for IAS coaching, which offers thoroughly designed tests for assessing the subjects taught in the class. 

Clearing the test not only examines the candidates’ skills but also boosts their confidence when they clear the test. They buckle up to put more effort into the subjects where they fail to perform to fulfilling the end goal. These tests allow the aspirants to get their queries answered after assessing their performance. 

  • Look for classes that include current affairs

For candidates aspiring for IAS, it is essential to keep up with current affairs and the latest news nationally and internationally. It makes sense to only look for UPSC preparation coaching that includes sources for keeping up with the latest happenings.

  • Look for a robust team that offers technical or customer support

It is not just essential to look for online coaching with good teaching staff but also with excellent customer support and other technical staff.

The standards apply to the non-teaching staff as well! If the team is professional in their approach, the candidates will likely receive the best support when needed in the form of calls, emails, etc. It ensures that the aspirants can get a solution as early as possible whenever an issue arises. 

  • Get thorough guidance

Before you finalize an online coaching institute, you must get all the queries answered. It can be done both online as well as offline. If you have questions or need guidance, visiting the institute can help. Knowing what aspects and subjects will be covered in the syllabus is crucial. Clarity will ease decision-making and shortlist the institute if you are considering a few options. Thus, the institute should be ready to counsel the candidate about the syllabus, tests, tutors, fee structure, and what to expect during the coaching tenure. 

  • Coaching that upgrade as and when required

The pattern of the UPSC question paper is not decided and uniform. The number of questions asked on different subjects also varies! It is better to look for online coaching that constantly upgrades itself and accommodates the quintessential aspects such as mock test series, current affairs, fresh videos, etc., based on the ever-changing trend or style of UPSC paper.

  • Individual attention

Online coaching should prepare candidates the same way online classes do. They should be acquainted, trained, and equipped to take the exam. They need to develop excellent writing skills to secure a good rank for beating the cut-throat competition. Sharply developed writing skills are essential for scoring well in the UPSC exam. The aspirants should look for online coaching that pays attention to the candidates individually and help them develop the required skills. 

  • Fee Structure

IAS online coaching generally charges lesser compared to offline coaching programs. However, the institute should clarify the UPSC coaching fees structure, breakup of the amount, and instalments. The candidates must receive all the amenities and support associated with online coaching. It equips them to clear the civil services exam and join the prestigious Indian Administrative Services.  


It is common for aspirants to seek suggestions and guidance from friends, family, and fellow candidates for choosing the best online IAS coaching. However, you must decide on your own after contemplating and analysing the pros and cons. Get complete information from shortlisted institutes and make the final decision after evaluation. Owing to tough competition and stress to clear the exam with a great score, there is no scope to make a wrong decision and regret it later. Consider the factors mentioned above and make a wise decision for peace of mind and assurance of success. 

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