In the 21st century, schools and universities are playing a vital role in preparing students for their futures as global citizens. Families want not only the best learning opportunities near to them but also want to give their children a high-quality education that will last with them all their lives.

Along with this, they are looking for a school that provides international-mindedness and an offical certificate of attendance, so it can help their children make a better living when they grow up.

Finding the right international school for your needs can be difficult. You might not know where to look or how to access information about schools available in other countries.

Fortunately, with our assistance and know-how, you’ll have access to comprehensive information about international schools as well as personalized guidance from a local expert.

What is International Education, and why does it matter for your business?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers a comprehensive approach to education that actively prepares students to be active and engaged participants in an interconnected world. The IB’s globally-minded approach includes exploring several different perspectives on one topic or experience as well as providing a rigorous curriculum.

  1. Become fluent in a language

Studying abroad in an international school can help accelerate your language fluency. From day one, students are exposed to the foreign language, interacting with multilingual peers. Plus, you’ll have academic preparation for the future and get a chance to become fluent in more than one language.

Ensuring that students have the opportunity to experience different styles of education is an excellent way to prepare them for a vast world.

Every country has its own education system. When students move to another country, they are pushed out of the “comfort zone” they’re used to, which provides them with different opportunities and experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. These early adaptation skills prepare them for future success and meeting new challenges.

One way to grow as a person and develop your perspective is to learn about other cultures and perspectives.

An international educational experience is a great way to expand your worldview and understand other cultures, perspectives and views.

  1. Experience different styles of education

One of the benefits of a diverse classroom is that students will gain insight into other cultures and perspectives. They’ll learn to appreciate and have understanding for different backgrounds, which will not only help them in the future but also make them more compassionate and open-minded people who are committed to making positive change in the world.

  1. Learn about other cultures and perspectives 

International communication in education promotes the questioning of personal beliefs and values. Students can make friends with those who are from a different culture, which helps them develop their problem-solving and communication skills. They also learn to recognize the merits of diverse contributions, which will help them later in life. Self-confidence, self-awareness, and an enhanced ability to adjust to diverse environments will provide these students with long-term benefits.

  1. Life-long friends and connections

International education experiences help students to build friendships, both in and out of the classroom. They also facilitates intercultural understanding and create lasting relationships with the whole school community and beyond.

Maintaining a network of friendships or professional contacts is an enriching experience that students will remember for the rest of their lives. The larger the network, the more likely they are to be exposed to career and social opportunities.

  1. Find your purpose
  2. Pursue your passion
  3. Be confident in yourself
  4. Trust your intuition
  5. Discover the world

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to explore the world. You’ll have the chance to see and understand other cultures outside of your own, engage with schools from different countries, and connect with people from all around the globe.

International schools often have a program for traveling to different countries, which is an integral part of the curriculum. International schools usually connect with other schools globally, creating opportunities for interaction with our linked communities. Active participation in organized events like cultural celebrations, cuisine tasting trips, and others are common occurrences at international schools. These activities are an intrinsic part of your child’s development and growth.

  1. Discover the world

If your dream is to attend a top-tier university or work in an impressive company like Google, then you want to impress them with your essays, and not just any will do. Captivate admissions officers, build skills for the future with writing practice and get feedback from an expert editor on your text.

As a university or employer, you’re looking for candidates who have transferable learning skills. When you hire someone with experience being an expat in an international environment, they’ll bring those transferable skills to your company.

According to a University of California study, 90% – 95% of students with an international education were able to find employment in their chosen field within six months of graduating.

  1. Impress universities and future employers

Using an international school experience to demonstrate their openness, adaptability, resourcefulness, and drive can help future employees gain the competitive edge needed in today’s workforce. These attributes improve employability, which is especially helpful when things change quickly and often.

By identifying potential for leadership development and community service, you can help provide opportunities to help your team grow. We’ll walk you through all the steps in this process.

International schools offer many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and contribute to society, both locally and globally. These co-curricular activities, academic travel programs, and community service initiatives encourage students to use their knowledge and talents. Students are encouraged to make an impact and lead change in whatever way they can.

  1. Identify opportunities for leadership development and community service

One of the premier benefits at this school is the global perspective students are offered through interactions with faculty and staff.

  1. Interact with faculty and staff with a global perspective

International schools have a vast pool of people from all over the world who might be teaching or working there. TASIS England, for example, has 40 different languages spoken on campus. This diversity offers a wide range of perspectives that enhances each person’s learning.

As an entrepreneur, you’re unique and your business is too. We believe that being a part of our diverse community will help you stay in touch with your entrepreneurial spirit.

At TASIS England, we believe we have an obligation to enhance the lives of our students and their families through an international community that educates their global understanding, compassion, and curiosity.

The community is strong and welcoming, with citizens from nearly 60 countries including all across Europe and Africa. Even though they come from different cultures, they work together to make newcomers feel at home by helping them adjust to the school and providing anyone who needs it with care.

  1. Be part of a truly diverse community

ISC Research recently released data for international schools, revealing a global trend of increasing numbers. As of January 2019, there were over 10,000 international schools with 5.36 million students and 503,000 staff members in locations all around the world.

The demand for “Western-style” education and the increasing popularity of international standardized exams such as the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge Assessment System are driving this change.

More and more families are embracing international education so their children will have a multicultural learning environment that fosters understanding, promotes an appreciation for different cultures and perspectives, and supports positive change in the world.

Why is international education important?

TASIS England is committed to nurturing intellectual curiosity. This means the learners are emboldened to flourish, as they act as principled and compassionate members of the global community.

At TASIS, we shape the academic journey for each student, supporting and challenging them to reach their full potential. As an international school, we offer students access to a variety of academic offerings. On average, 96% of our graduates receive offers from their first or second choice university.

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