How to choose the best Solitaire 3.5 Carat Diamond Ring?

Are you in search of a solitaire ring to propose to her to spend the rest of her life with you? Or, are you on a shopping spree to decide upon the couple’s wedding rings? You may come across several designs to sparkle your eyes and make you skip a breath. But you must also know some genuine tips on choosing the best solitaire 3.5 carat diamond ring that will offer you value for money. 

Here, we will offer you some tips so that you are happy investing your hard-earned money in the ring that you have purchased. 

Choose the Correct Band:

When buying a 3.5-carat diamond ring and wishing to flaunt the big rock, one of the best ways is to choose an asymmetric band. A solitaire ring is more significant than any other usual engagement ring. So, you must choose the correct band to showcase the diamond. 

The Cut:

Diamonds are not just about round and heart shapes. Apart from several shapes, you must also focus on the cut of the diamond that you are using in the ring. A princess-cut diamond is one of the most attractive picks which also makes it one of the most expensive diamonds. No doubt, a princess-cut diamond ring is just the perfect piece to propose to someone. 

Know the Measurement:

You cannot randomly believe the jeweler about the carat of the diamond. So, you must know some calculations. Usually, a round 3.5 carat diamond has a diameter that is between 9.62 mm and 10.02 mm. Check out the size to verify that you are getting a genuine 3.5 carat diamond for the ring. 

Choose your Colour:

Are you still in the notion that diamonds are available in white or transparent colour? If yes, then you should check out the various coloured options in diamonds such as pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, and many more. You can even get combination colour options such as brownish orange pink diamond. Surprise your beau with a beautiful deep pink diamond ring and ask her out to start your next journey in life with wedding vows. 

The Design:

Do you wish to get a simple solitaire ring or do you wish to get something extravagant with smaller stones around a big rock? You can come across several design options to choose from to get the best piece for your loved ones. 

Compare and Buy:

Diamonds are expensive but you must understand that the price depends upon several factors like the carat you are buying. Along with the carat, the diamond price will depend upon many other factors like the diamond cut, colour, and even the ring design. For example, a simple solitaire will not be as expensive as a ring that is decorated well with several shiny stones. Compare the rings based on different designs to get the best pick. 

Check online to compare the rings and get the best deal. When you visit the correct site, you also avail discounts over the 3.5 carat diamond ring that you have chosen. 

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