How AI and Data Science are Changing the World

Artificial intelligence and data science engineering are emerging fields of engineering as every sector is demanding AI & data science to carry out their business operations without human effort. And if you want to pursue this course, you should be aware of how AI & data science are changing and impacting the world.

We have written this blog after thorough research on how different sectors are impacted by this engineering field.

Table Of Contents

  1. Artificial intelligence and data science engineering
  2. Key highlights of AI and data science engineering courses
  3. Why is AI & data science getting popular?
  4. How AI and Data Science are Changing the World
  5. Reasons to choose Arya College for AI & Data DS Engineering courses
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial intelligence and data science engineering

Artificial intelligence and data science engineering is an undergraduate course where students learn about various technologies such as data warehouses, artificial intelligence, product development, and mathematical modeling. 

Key highlights of AI and data science engineering courses

Below- mentioned is the course details of B Tech AI & Data Science at Arya College, Jaipur.

Course Level Undergraduate
Course duration 4 years
Eligibility Criteria Students must have scored 50% aggregate marks at 10+2 level or with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects.


Admission Process The admission will be based on merit or entrance basis.
Availability of seats 60

Why is AI & data science getting popular?

  • AI can do repetitive tasks with no human intervention.
  • With the help of predictive analysis, AI can continually grow on its own. 
  • AI can recognize patterns and trends quickly and more effectively than humans.
  • AI is more trustworthy than humans when analyzing intricate data and research.

How AI and Data Science are Changing the World

In Present times, AI & data science have touched all sectors and are making big impacts on various industries. Here, we’ll discuss how this is impacting some of the prominent industries in India and the world- 

  1. Finance- Understanding the patterns of transactions is a critical statistic to guarantee customer happiness since it is the most important part of any firm in any industry. And data science helps in building customer relationships.

Also, AI helps in decision-making in the stock exchange market, and fraud detection by identifying abnormalities and deviations.

  1. HealthCare- All the leading healthcare organizations have started using some form of AI to smooth their workflow. Recently, Apollo has collaborated with Google to implement AI & data science. Healthcare might become more affordable, efficient, individualized, and equitable by leveraging AI to develop intelligent systems and workflows. 

Healthcare organizations are using AI to forecast patient numbers in emergency rooms, radiology departments to assist in interpreting human scans, etc. The startups such as Pharmeasy, HealthifyMe, DocTalk, etc are using AI & data science to smoothly carry out their business operations.

  1. National security- In the present era, AI plays a crucial role in national security. Countries like Russia, China, and America have invested a huge amount in AI to protect their national security. AI helps in automating simple tasks and foreseeing mechanical problems in weapon systems to carry out complex analyses to support their mission of waging wars. AI helps to meet the needs of warfighters by keeping surveillance and analyzing suspicious activities.
  2. Transportation- AI has impacted the transportation industry, One of the biggest AI examples in the transportation industry is self-driving cars. Also, AI helps in managing traffic, providing passenger safety, and also helps in reduction in carbon emissions. AI skills enable us to process complicated data and automate time-consuming processes, such as ongoing traffic flow monitoring.
  3. Smart cities- AI helps in transforming city life by analyzing how residents and businesses are using energy and predicting which sector requires the usage of renewable energy. Also, AI & data science helps in optimizing traffic, pollution, infrastructure, transportation facilities, etc.
  4. Retail & commerce industry- This industry has seen complete transformation after the inclusion of AI. This technology is helping retail & commerce industry owners in client acquisition and retention with the help of predictive analysis. Companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are using these technologies for effective marketing strategies.

Apart from the above-mentioned sectors, AI & data science have impacted the legal industry, marketing, education, and other sectors. And after completing your engineering from the best engineering colleges in India, you can enter any of these industries to make a sustainable career.

Reasons to Choose Arya College for AI & Data DS Engineering Courses

  1. Arya College is considered one of the renowned b tech artificial intelligence colleges in India because of the availability of AI labs, robotics labs, and research & development centers at the college. Some of the robotics projects of Arya College such as bionic hand, medical robots, and serving robots are great inventions and are patented.
  2. Arya College’s course curriculum is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical sessions.
  3. You will be given an opportunity to have real work-life exposure through industrial visits and training.
  4. The Arya College is well-known for providing one of the best placements in Rajasthan, 95+ visitors including Capgemini, TCS, Wipro, Cisco, L&T infotech, etc. companies have visited the campus in the year 2022 for placement drives.


According to a recent report, India is increasing its investments in AI by 31.8% yearly, and this year it will be $881 million. And in the coming years, AI investment in India will increase and will become a very important part of our economy. The Indian government and business conglomerates are working towards boosting AI in every sector. So, it is the right time to start a career in this field by joining the best private BTech colleges in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can AI replace human intelligence?

No, AI can not replace human intelligence as AI can not develop emotions like humans, it can work only according to the data inputted in the system and lacks common sense. And it needs humans to design AI systems.

  • What are the job opportunities available for Artificial intelligence and data science engineering?

The popular job options available for Artificial intelligence and data science graduates in India-

  • System engineers
  • Data Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Computer vision engineer
  • Deep learning engineer
  • Quantitative analyst
  • What is the future scope of AI & data science?

According to World economic forum, 58 million jobs will be generated by 2025 for AI & data science professionals and they have a lot of career growth potential in the future as they will be getting lucrative job opportunities in all the prominent sectors such as information technology, banking sector, consultancy, transportation, computer science, and service-based industries.

  • What is the average salary of AI & DS graduates in India?

According to PayScale, an AI & DS can expect an average salary of Rs. 11,98,776 in India.

  • What are the skillsets required to excel in the field of Artificial intelligence & data science engineering?

The skillset required to make a successful career in AI & data science are-

  • Basic knowledge of machine learning
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of Programming skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Strong data structures and algorithm skills

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