Best Age Calculator Applications For Android And iOS

Usually, a number is sensed beneath the term “age.” It typically uses years as the unit of measurement and reflects the complete life span from birth to the present. Even though the inquiry “How old are you?” is relatively straightforward, people sometimes struggle to provide an answer. Particularly if the question pertains to the age of someone other than you. Perhaps you are curious about how old you might be in a different location or using a different measurement system. With these 11 free applications, you can fool your pals into thinking you’re older (Android & iOS).

You could, for instance, use certain sites to determine your age in minutes, months, days, and more. Thus, we made the decision to compile the top age calculator in years apps for both iOS and Android.

Age Calculator by GeekMindApps:

The birthday calculator program is a terrific method to find out how many days you have left to live and how long you have already been alive. The program is designed in a straightforward manner so that it won’t appear overly bright or cluttered. There are icons for various fundamental functions on a dark backdrop that you may use right away after installation.

Using this tool, you may determine your age in various units of measurement. You may even determine your exact lifespan in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the chronological Age Calculator in years allows you to save your data and will count down to your upcoming birthday. You may compare your age to that of your pals; you could just be a week or two older than one of them, but you’ve never given it any attention. You may also check the time remaining till any other significant dates or events in your life.


Utilize this practical age-year calculator by birthdate to get your age. Both this date of birth calculator and the infant age tracker App allow you to determine an individual’s precise age in years, months, days, weeks, hours, and minutes. It not only assists you with the birth date calculator but also with determining your precise age. You may rapidly determine your age using your birthdate and the number of days until your next birthday or anniversary by using the birthday year. Yes, you can quickly determine when your next birthday is. 

Age Calculator by Date of Birth:

When you were a youngster, did you keep track of the days till the holiday? The birthday is one such eagerly anticipated celebration that many people look forward to. You may figure out how much time you have till such a wonderful event with the Age tool. You may use this tool to determine the amount of time until your friend’s or spouse’s holiday without having to enter their birthday, it should be highlighted.

To determine your age or someone else’s, the Calculator automatically obtains the current date. To provide you with the most exact information, the measurement is performed in years, months, and even seconds. The calculator’s user interface is straightforward while still being straightforward. The program will give you a visual calendar on which you may select the required day and month in order to record the desired date. The chronological Age Calculator in years will even, if necessary, remind you of the impending occasion, ensuring that you haven’t missed anything.

Age Calculator: Reminder, Birthday, Anniversary

Do you frequently forget your friends or family members’ birthdays? You must have a customized service with reminders to prevent embarrassing situations. You may use a calculator to assist you to recall crucial dates for your loved ones’ lives as well as their future ages. You may sample the service’s other features in addition to reminders.

You can quickly determine your age with the tool. Unfortunately, following Internet instructions is not always simple. Some years have various numbers of days, and computations can become confusing. The date of birth calculator takes care of all the computations, relieving you of this burden. Additionally, you may create comprehensive lists and choose the time at which you want to be alerted about holidays in the program. With a little time and effort, you can stop disappointing your friends by forgetting about their trip.

How Old Am I ? – Face Camera

It used to be very common to determine your age through photos. No, this has nothing to do with magicians, mediums, or other occult practitioners; it is accomplished using contemporary technology. A program called How Old Am I? can estimate your age with just a picture of your face. Maybe you didn’t even realize that you resemble a little child or an elderly guy!

What Age Am I? offers to begin the investigation when you submit your photo to the program. All of the faces in the image are automatically recognized by the system, and each person’s age is shown separately.

Mental Age Calculator:

Even at the age of 48, a person may occasionally feel like a youngster. Young folks can experience the same thing; their life route was so convoluted that they feel much older. The calculator is a unique tool that will assist you in determining your mental and emotional age. It may deviate greatly from your actual age in both ways.

If your friends have complained that you act childishly, you might investigate whether this is indeed the case. The entire program consists of a series of tests that help you determine your emotional state and age. To ensure that the exam results are as accurate as possible, each question must be thoughtfully and properly answered. There are more difficult problems in the tool that have several correct answers or text-based solutions; in these situations, you just need to input the required number or word in a designated space.

Age Calculator Pro by ng-labs:

Use this calculator Pro if your birthdate falls inside a leap year or if you are unable to manually calculate your lifespan. This program provides precise age calculations by accounting for all the intricacies connected with dates and numbers. By doing so, you may figure out how long your child has been alive or compare the duration of two significant events.

The tool Pro lacks clarity and is gloomy. The primary features are shown on the home screen as soon as the program is launched. You may access more features and provide developers help in a different menu.

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