Bangalore to Pune Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Recommendations for Your Journey

Pune draws travellers from all over because of its rich history, cultural delights, and modern attractions. However, the people of Bangalore, especially first-time travellers to Pune, might get puzzled by the diverse array of options the city puts forward.

This comprehensive guide serves as your trusted companion for navigating the journey between Bangalore and Pune. Within its pages, you’ll discover the most efficient travel options, along with valuable recommendations to make your trip from the bustling tech hub to the historic Maharashtrian city both comfortable and enriching.

Essential Tips and Recommendations to Ensure a Comforting Bangalore to Pune Journey

This section will explore a few smart tips and recommendations that’ll make your trip to Pune from Bangalore less stressful and smoother.

  • Pack Your Luggage Based on the Mode of Travel

Baggage packing is a major part of your preparation for the trip. Your baggage must suit the transport mode you avail. For example, if you have booked Bangalore to Pune flights, you must be aware of the measurements and weight capacity of the cabin and check-in luggage that the airline company offers. Also, since there’s a higher possibility of you not recognising your bags among numerous similar bags in the airport. In that case, we recommend you select a bag that looks totally different or mark your bag or trolley bags with something that makes it look unique.

If you’re travelling with your family in your four-wheeler, you have more freedom to pack your luggage. In such scenarios, pack one bag for each member of the family. It will help you sort your items faster. If the road journey is long, it’s advisable to put every luggage of yours on the roof rack of the car and keep the interiors roomy. It’ll make your drive enjoyable.

We recommend you take a small to medium-sized trolley bag together with a small backpack if you plan to travel via train. Both of these must be easily stored in the overhead spaces or luggage racks. Also, try to keep the trolley bag under the lower berth and keep the carry-on bag with you. Aim to have your bags at a weight that’s easy to lift above your head.

  • Take Essential Items on Your Carry-on Bag

Losing baggage in airports isn’t an unusual thing. There are reports of lost or mishandled baggage m. While there are procedures in place to retrieve your luggage and receive compensation if the airline company fails to do so, it is best not to risk your most essential or valuable items by storing them in the checked baggage.

Thus, pack essential things, or items that cannot be replaced easily, in the carry-on bags. These might include your medicines, portable devices, umbrellas, etc. Carry-on bags pass through airport security checks easily. However, airlines limit the number of carry-ons per passenger. Also, these bags have to be of the required weight and dimension to be eligible to fit in the cabin.

  • Keep Your Documents Handy

There are some vital documents that you must have more often on your trip. These documents are your boarding pass (if you have booked Bangalore to Pune or Pune to Bangalore flight tickets), train tickets (if you have booked a train ticket for your Pune journey from Bangalore), passport, government-approved ID proof, and medical certificates.

Keeping these documents in the trolley bags will cause inconvenience to you during your journey as you will require these frequently. Hence, keep such crucial papers in a backpack or handbag so that you can swiftly bring them out at the security checks.

In case you’re visiting Pune for the first time, try to pinpoint the place on Google Maps, which clearly shows your hotel’s location and the routes from the railway station or airport.

  • Be Comfortable During the Journey

Whether you’re travelling by train, car or bus, long trips stress your body. Such trips generally make you sit idle in a congested place for an extended period (if you aren’t taking the flight), which causes discomfort and pain.

To avoid fatigue, wear loose and comfortable clothing regardless of the season. Opt for breathable shoes on long journeys. Slip-on shoes like flip-flops or slippers are ideal as you can easily remove them when needed or elevate your legs.

  • Eat and Drink Healthy

What you eat and drink before or during the journey is important. Eating unhealthy food prior to commencing your journey might result in an upset stomach. Sickness before or during your trip may hamper or even halt the trip.

Eating good and healthy food is a must, particularly if you’re travelling to Pune or Bangalore via flight. Most people feel discomfort during air travel, often due to digestive issues. Eating nutritious and light food can prevent problems such as vomiting and nausea.

Staying hydrated throughout your journey is crucial. Changes in temperature and humidity levels during travel can lead to skin issues for many travellers. Since there’s limited fresh air and water on flights, skin can become dull. To combat this, drink plenty of water before your journey to hydrate your body. During the trip, opt for water and light fruit juices to stay healthy and uplift your mood.


A trip from Bangalore to Pune or vice-versa can be extremely fun if you take the proper steps. The above-mentioned steps are little measures to ensure a comforting journey and make it a lot more memorable. Try these tips and recommendations and see how much difference they make.




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