Introduction to the Media Major in Australia

What is the best major to study in Australia? Media, one of the popular majors, is an ideal choice. Let’s take a look at the media major in Australia.

Professional direction

There are roughly five directions for students majoring in media to choose courses, namely mass media, journalism, marketing advertising, media release and creative performance.


In recent years, the number of students applying for Australian media majors has risen linearly. Generally speaking, the Australian university’s master’s program in media has the following characteristics:

  • Students can choose 1-year, 1.5-year or 2-year courses flexibly according to their different undergraduate backgrounds or work experience.
  • Some Australian media masters (mostly 2-year programs) do not require undergraduates to have a relevant background, which is very suitable for interdisciplinary applicants. 

Job prospects

The employment prospects of media majors in Australia are very good, not only with a wide range of choices, but also with good remuneration. According to the data from JobOutlook, whether it is advertising, public relations, reporters, or editors, the employment prospects in Australia are very good.

In terms of salaries, compared with the industry-wide average weekly salary of $1230, journalists and editors earned $1521, while public relations earned $1858.

And media majors are able to work for different kinds of companies and industries, ranging from high-tech, to manufacturing, retail, and cultural media, all of which require public relations and advertising talents. Due to the particularity of the journalistic profession, the roles played in society and the workplace vary according to individual abilities and experiences.

Immigration prospects

If you choose to study in Australia for immigration, studying media may not be your best choice. Because media majors are not on the shortage occupation list, and there is no state government to guarantee immigration, if you consider immigration, you can only change to immigration majors and take 189 or 190, which is more difficult.

But if you study a two-year program, you can get a two-year PSW work visa after graduation, during which you can work full-time in Australia. If the work goes well, you may also have the opportunity to apply for employer-sponsored immigration.

Recommended universities for studying media in Australia

The top-ranked Australia universities in media are: The University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales, Monash University and University of Technology Sydney.

– The University of Melbourne

The media major of the University of Melbourne occupies the first place in Australia in the current QS world rankings, which is inseparable from its excellent teachers and professional courses. Its courses are mainly designed to enhance students’ marketing and communication skills, and also cover aspects such as advertising and media promotion strategies.


  • Master of Global Media Communication 
  • Master of Marketing Communications
  • Master of Journalism

– Queensland University of Technology

QUT has only opened one major in the master of media: Master of Business (Public Relations). The school pays attention to combining teaching with practice, and also has a very good relationship with the media industry in Queensland, so the internship opportunities given by the school may be very superior. Secondly, the school has the largest AVID laboratory, specializing in the production of digital media.


Master of Business (Public Relations): This is a course that combines business and media, aiming to refine and deepen the knowledge students have learned.

– The University of Sydney

The media courses of the University of Sydney do not have too obvious emphasis, and it has performed well in many fields, such as news, Internet, TV broadcasting, and digital advertising.


  • Master of Media Practice Practice Media
  • Master of Digital Communication and Culture Digital
  • Master of Health Communication
  • Master of Cross-cultural Communication 

– University of New South Wales

Compared with the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne, the characteristic of the media major at the University of New South Wales is that it is creative. Its purpose is to conduct research in these fields through the perspective of media and cultural theory, so that students not only have excellent professional skills, but also valuable work experience. Only students with relevant majors or relevant work experience are recruited.


  • Master of Public Relation and Design
  • Master of Journalism & Communication

– Monash University

Unlike UNSW’s media, Monash University’s media major is more traditional. You can get in touch with various professionals in the media industry, such as TV anchors and journalists, award-winning writers and excellent producers.

The journalism track also provides students with an opportunity to understand how contemporary journalism is produced and operated. A variety of media and artistic practices are involved, including film, television, music, art, radio and photography.


  • Master of Communications and Media Studies
  • Master of Journalism

– University of Technology Sydney

The School of Media at the University of Technology Sydney adheres to cutting-edge and trendy educational concepts. University of Technology Sydney’s media courses cover all the skills and knowledge needed in film, video, new media and sound effects, teach you how to master professional skills, explore media history, theory, and new issues facing the media industry today, and become a creative producer step by step in the course study. Students not only have the opportunity to create their own creative media works, but also have the opportunity to cooperate with large production teams.


  • Master of Advanced Journalism
  • Master of Media Arts and Production

In addition to them, there are many other media courses in Australia, if you are interested in them, you can find them out through CatEight, a platform with powerful course search tool.

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