Always Look Charming with Silver Diamond Bangles

Bangles, even though a subtle piece of jewellery, have gained prominence since the modern woman took it upon herself to make them more contemporary and wearable. The availability of softer designs, for instance, a silver diamond bangle, has created a wider clientele for bangles and bracelets.

Even the ones who otherwise prefer to adorn minimalistic pieces are buying a bracelet or a bangle. This is why it is safe to say they are the most elegant jewellery pieces ever. A huge range of silver diamond bangles available in the market adds to the trend.

Here are some bangle styles trending this season:

Bangle Bracelet: This is a classic style, and no trend can ever possibly replace it. A sturdy silver diamond bangle or bracelet is an ideal jewellery type for a modern working woman who likes to keep it minimal but classy. A silver diamond bangle or one made in platinum or gold are some options that are currently in high demand for their overall look, versatility, and aesthetics.

Rose Gold Bracelet: It’s one of the top favourites because of its modern appeal and the rare fusion item it becomes in the individual jewellery collection. Rose Gold is considered the metal of the year because of its huge demand, and so it has become a must-have, alongside a silver diamond bangle. 

Experts suggest pairing a rose gold bracelet with a metal watch for every day as well as a special day look. It gives a luxe feel and is a great alternative for those who wish to invest in gold but don’t like the striking yellow colour of the metal.

Gold Charm Bracelets: These were a big hit in the 90s and have recently made a comeback because of the intricate and wearable designs they now come in. With women tilting towards the ‘less is more’ concept, there is a high demand for more modern designs. These charm bracelets help women express their individuality and creativity. Their intricate designs add uniqueness to the everyday look of their owners.

Link Bracelets: The design makes for beautiful silver diamond bangles and is made by connecting various components, usually with the help of a gemstone. Several models adorned this jewellery piece across international fashion weeks. These are statement-making pieces and are excellent for special occasions.

Diamond Bangles: When we talk fine jewellery, we can’t miss diamond bangles crafted in gold, platinum, or silver and decorated with diamond or other precious gemstones. The minimalist trend has added to the demand for diamond bangles, especially silver ones. 

These are tough and last a lifetime and so make a good investment. These can be easily passed on as family heirlooms. Diamond bangles also are one of the most treasured gift items.

Choosing the Right Metal for Diamond Bangles

As discussed above, diamond bangles can be crafted in several metal types, such as sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

But the charm of silver diamond bangles is unparalleled. Choose a diamond bangle in sterling silver, white gold, or platinum to add this valuable item to your personal jewellery collection.

The best part of having a diamond bangle in silver is that it’s relatively affordable, and the lustre and sheen are more lasting.

White gold, on the other hand, is more durable and stronger. One doesn’t need to compromise the sheen and lustre. It also helps in making a brilliant impression on friends and relatives.

A silver diamond bangle with platinum as the base metal speaks elegance and style. People allergic to gold can invest in platinum. The metal is attractive and long-lasting.

With this detailed discussion on diamond bangles, current trends, and suitable base metals, we are sure buying this evergreen jewellery piece will be easy.

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