All you need to be an expert bowler in cricket

Who doesn’t enjoy cricket? Cricket is, by a distance, one of the most adored sports globally, especially in Asia. Boasting millions of fans, we helplessly drool at the entertainment cricket overwhelms us with.

Particularly, we love the bowling part of cricket. It is no news that punters, after a 1xbet download, stake on cricket teams with superior bowlers to win fixtures.

Yes, that is critical the skill is to win games. The good news is that bowling can be learned, and in this article, we teach you the skills you need to be an expert bowler.

Keep your body flexible

Believe it or not, your bowling skills are greatly affected by the state of your body. If your muscles are stretched and flexible, you have a high chance of performing well. 

On the other hand, if you have been lying lazy all day and haven’t done any warmup, you are likely to perform badly.

Before going to the cricket pitch, do warmups to stretch your muscles. 

This keeps your body prepared and saves your muscles from any damage that may occur when you suddenly go into action. So, if you are considering developing your bowling skills, start by keeping your body flexible.

Practice your grip

To ace your bowling skills, you have to practice your grip. How do you grip the ball? That determines how the ball will fly across the pitch. 

Since your grip determines how accurate your delivery is, you have to be careful about which fingers you place on the ball and how to place them.

For every beginner, the basic way to practice gripping the ball is by placing your middle and index fingers each by the side of the ball’s seam. The seam is those parallel lines that show where the ball is sewn together. Your fingers should be placed parallel to them. 

Meanwhile, your thumb acts as a support and is placed under the ball. It could be placed directly on the seam or just beside it. For your ring finger and pinky, you should bend them to your palm comfortably.

Learn how to swing correctly

Swinging the ball makes it hard for batsmen to know where exactly the ball will be headed. Shooting the straight can be easily judged, but swinging it gives it a curve in the air and makes tracking super hard. 

Imagine a batsman trying to catch a ball, but it immediately makes a curve and hits the wicket. Yeah, that’s a swing!

To be great at bowling, you have to practice swinging correctly.

You can make three types of swings: reverse swing, inswing, and outswing. All the different types of swings have their ways of finger placements on the ball. Most times, where the seam points determine the type of swing your ball might make.

Work on developing a smooth run

Working on developing a smooth run is also important for bowling. Having a smooth run will help you with accuracy and speed. 

The most important to keep in mind when practicing a smooth run is your pace and speed. If you aim to be a fast bowler, you should practice keeping your pace between 10 – 25. 

Regarding speed, it is important to remember to use only some of your energy. As most bowlers would use about 50% – 70% of their speed, it is advisable to follow that trend. When making a run to deliver the ball, you should keep in mind to make a quick, energetic jog and not a full run that takes up energy. 

Improve your bowling speed

When you bowl at high speed, you give the batsmen very little time to make decisions as to where the ball is headed. 

Although this can be a little daunting for young bowlers, age doesn’t come to play when you learn the right technique to help increase your bowling speed.

If you have noticed, most fast bowlers raise up their front arm toward their head when performing their delivery stride. To increase speed, the raised arm is immediately swung down with force to kickstart the swinging of the ball in a faster rotation pattern.

Engage in strength exercises

Do not neglect the importance of hitting the gym. You need to engage in exercise to build your strength if you want to develop your bowling skills. 

Strength exercises keep you fit and flexible and enhance your strength. It also increases your speed and agility.

Some of the areas in the body you need to work on include the hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps.

3 Best Bowlers Of All Time In Cricket

Now let us talk about some of the best bowlers ever.

Shane Warne (Australia)

Also called Warnie for short, Shane Warne was one of the finest Australian bowlers with many set world records. The late former right-arm leg break bowler showed an incredible performance during his playtime, which ran from 1991 to 2007. 

He is an inspiration to many young athletes and has a statue at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Other popular recognitions include being named BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year, gaining an honorary life membership of Marylebone Cricket Club, and being one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Century in 2000, During his playtime, he made 145 Test appearances and bowed 40,705 balls with 708 wickets while having a bowling average of 25.41.

Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)

Muttiah Muralitharan is regarded as one of the best right-am off-break bowlers in history. He holds amazing records and has won awards throughout his playtime for over 5 cricket teams and the Sri Lankan national cricket team.

Known as one of the most successful bowlers of all time, Muttiah Muralitharan is a member of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. 

Some of his notable awards include having the highest number of international wickets in ODIs, T20s, and Tests combined (1347 wickets) and being the only player to take 10 wickets in a Test in four straight matches, twice, among others.

In his career, Muttiah Muralitharan made 133 Test match appearances and bowled 44,039 balls, made 800 wickets and had a 22.72 bowling average.

Sydney Barnes (England)

Fondly known as Steyn Gun, the former right-arm fast bowler Sydney Barnes is known as one of the greatest and has a number of awards. 

During his playtime, which ran from 2003 to 2021, Sydney Barnes showed outstanding performance while playing for over 8 cricket teams and the England national cricket team.

Sydney Barnes is a famous professional cricket bowler who has bagged a number of recognitions and awards, including the 2008 ICC Test Player of the Year, the 2008 South African Cricketer of the Year, and the 2013 Wisden Leading Cricketer, among others.

When it comes to career stats, Sydney Barnes made 93 appearances in the Test and has bowled 18,608 balls. So far in the Test competition, he has made 439 wickets and has a bowling average of 22.95.


To improve your bowling performance, engaging in the above tips will definitely make you a better bowler. Being a great bowler doesn’t happen overnight; you need to engage in a lot of practice. 

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