The fast Jeff Thomson

Cricket is a sport where many skills are needed. For example, in the case of bowlers, being fast is quite a useful ability. This was exactly with Jeff Thomson. He was an Australian cricket player who was known for his extremely fast bowls. This helped his teams to win lots of matches. Currently, all sports news India -1xNews features the best information coming from the world of cricket.

But during a large part of his career, Thomson was not alone. In fact, back then, there was another well-renowned very fast bowler who also wreaked havoc in the opposing squads. This teammate was Dennis Lillee. According to many cricket experts, they were probably the fastest pair that has ever shared a cricket field.

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An unusual technique

Many people saw Thomson’s technique to throw very fast balls as quite an unusual one. When asked how he came up with it, he simply said that his father taught it to him. The http://1x.news/cricket/cricket-match-predictions/ website has excellent cricket match predictions for Australia, India and many other places.

In fact, some Universities decided to conduct detailed studies in order to understand Thomson’s technique better. In a study, the University of Western Australia decided to examine Thomson plus three another bowlers, they were:

  • Dennis Lillee;
  • Andy Roberts;
  • and Michael Holding.

Among those four bowlers, Thomson was definitely the fastest one. His bowls were measured at more than 160 kilometers per hour. However, other estimates state that he could reach as much as 180 kilometers per hour. The 1xNews platform provides the best information about cricket in Australia, India and other countries where this sport reigns.

A curious occurrence

Thomson played professionally between 1972 and 1986. He spent 11 of those years playing for Queensland. In order to find the best cricket betting tips in Australian cricket, 1x.news/cricket/betting-tip/ is the platform to explore.

After his retirement, Thomson became the bowling coach for the Queensland squad. In 1992, he was practicing with the squad in order to get ready for a match. It is said that, despite having retired six years before, he was still capable of throwing the ball faster than any of the active bowlers of the squad.

After impressing everybody in the training sessions, some people asked him whether he would be willing to come out of his retirement. However, some internal rules of the team regarding the age of the players prevented him from doing so. Whenever you want to find the best information and tips on Australian cricket, 1xNews is the place to visit.

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