Online Privacy, Is It Just a Myth?

One of the primary requirements for operating an anonymous website would be to keep the owner’s identity hidden. Anonymous hosting services are often needed if you must protect your identity for various reasons. Especially bloggers or investigative journalists who often criticise current political events, religious issues, or local problems will appreciate the privacy level offered by anonymous hosting. Additionally, anonymous hosting is frequently used by users who like to keep their private information hidden from prying eyes. The primary concern in all these situations is the author’s identity protection. Anonymous hosting service is the answer to this problem.

Benefits of anonymous hosting

People frequently misinterpret private hosting with anonymous hosting. Private hosting is designed to safeguard the privacy of website visitors. But website owner’s identity protection is possible only by anonymous hosting. In a nutshell, anonymous hosting is a service where you can avoid giving out any personal information.

Your web hosting could be entirely anonymous for various reasons. And fortunately for you, you’ll have many options in this regard. Thanks to anonymous hosting, you can store your online data without revealing who you really are. Anonymous hosting solutions also resist subpoenas and other attempts to collect client information since they don’t require and collect such records. These anonymous hosts are designed to handle various workloads, and when setting up your anonymous server, you’ll get to choose from many hosting plans. 

The location of your website’s hosting server is also crucial. The type of content you can host often depends on the country where your anonymous server is located. You’ll get to host your project in a country with a different jurisdiction, thanks to offshore hosting services. These overseas hosting solutions are often DMCA resistant. The quality of offshore web hosting services is much higher than that of US-based hosting providers, who frequently take down your website for even the smallest DMCA or other law-related offenses.

DNS Records and anonymity

Any web registration or online project requires a domain name, and the domain registrar typically provides information on the domain owner if required by authorities. Even you can quickly locate the domain owner’s name by using a WHOIS lookup.

So if you require more anonymity, several domain registrars will enable you to set up a domain anonymously. Anonymous domain registrar will allow you to register a domain without exposing your personal information. Following that, you should be able to get anonymous web hosting by using a private DNS and anonymous hosting solution.

Being 100% Anonymous

To be 100% anonymous might be pretty challenging because most hosting services demand that you link a payment method to the account, and payment methods are required to verify user information. Luckily, you might be using bitcoin and offshore hosting to try to retain your online anonymity. 

100% anonymous hosting won’t require any personally identifiable information and prefer untraceable crypto payments. 

Going low with .onion domain

The advantages of onion services are numerous. First, they are censor resistant, meaning no one can deactivate the .onion domain unless they successfully conduct a flood attack and/or compromise the host. Onion services don’t need any software other than the server’s software that will be used anonymously. Additionally, onion services are free and operate without registration (no sign-up is required). 

However, the main drawback of onion domains is that these domains are not indexed in Google searches and are not accessible by standard browsers. Even if onion sites are reachable via tor2web over HTTP, this is less monitoring-resistant. Installing and running Tor Browser will give you much greater privacy and anonymity.

What Exactly Is an Anonymous Web Hosting?

There are some techniques to ensure that there is no way to trace the website owner, but the best is to use anonymous website hosting. Anonymous hosting enables one to set up a website anonymously – therefore, it cannot be tracked to the owner. 

It has specific advantages for those who want to safeguard their online identity and privacy. Your login information can’t be revealed because you do not need to provide private details while signing up. When registering your domain name, anonymous web hosting does not require your real name, a postal address, or a phone number and enables you to register using a pseudonym. 

Many anonymous web hosting services make use of Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency payment channels. It ensures that no personal or identifying information about the client is disclosed during the payment process.

Conclusion:You can host any online project and keep your personal information private through anonymous hosting. Privacy is nearly impossible to achieve on the internet, but anonymous hosting makes it possible. Only anonymous hosting will let you set up an anonymous blog or host an anonymous website. Only anonymous hosting will protect the anonymity of people working in journalism, politics, and all bloggers who write on sensitive subjects. 

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