7 Practical Reasons to Learn C# Programming

Learning which programming language to learn can be tough. Different languages are good at different things, and having a set goal can make it easier. What if you want to learn to program but aren’t sure what path to follow? There are several languages which are broadly enough to learn regardless of your future plans. You’ll likely learn more than one in your career, but starting with C# is a good idea. Why should you choose C# over other languages?

Where Did C# Come From?


The c programming online course language was developed by Microsoft, which appeared in 2000. Microsoft invested heavily in its development in the following years and there are a multitude of libraries available for all types of tasks. It’s built on top of C and C++, but designed to be easier for developers to use.

1. C# Is Easy to Learn

C# programming is a highly-structured, object-oriented language. Some people believe it’s easier to understand when compared to one of the famously hard-to-learn languages like C and C++.

Learning C# has never been easier. With extensive documentation, a dedicated and large community of online teachers, and YouTube videos covering every aspect of C# programming from beginner to expert, it feels like learning this language is too good to be true.

2. C# Has a Large Online Community

In 2018, C# was the sixth most popular language on Indeed.com. It is expected to stay in the top ten most preferred languages for some time considering Microsoft’s backing.

3. It’s Backed by Microsoft

C# is a powerful choice for game developers, especially those who have experience with Unity. It’s easy to see why—it’s free and it competes favorably with Unreal Engine.

4. Unity Game Development

While there are many operating systems out there, the market share is still dominated by Windows. All Microsoft programming is done on the .NET framework in C# to create Windows applications. Microsoft’s software development tools from Visual Studio rank highest among development environments for Windows.

6. ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core

The ASP.NET framework is a vital tool for dynamic websites. It’s second only to the PHP framework and is primarily written in C#, making it easy to learn for developers of all types.

If you want to develop an app for Android and iOS, expect to have to learn two separate languages. Xamarin is designed so that you only have to learn one language for your project.

Is C# the Programming Language for You?

If you’re interested in playing games with Unity and you’re looking for a programming language that goes well with this genre, C# is here to teach you what you need to know. You can take an online course or follow a beginner’s guide to learn essential skills such as data structure, algorithms and orders of magnitude.

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